Tower Tenants Com is being set up to provide a voice for residents of tower blocks.

Tower blocks are not bad places to live. The main problems come from big businesses reckoning to make money by abusive means.

A first priority here is to counter the propaganda lies being put out by corporate profiteers in collaboration with corrupt councils.

There are basically two methods by which big businesses make money from tower blocks.

Firstly they lie that various “improvements” are needed, such as replacing all the windows with trashy “self-cleaning” ones which do not actually work properly.   Tenants are not properly involved in managing these works, and instead of being consulted get disinformed at “consultation” meetings in reality propaganda sales meetings.   

An important variant of this is the hoo-haa hype about supposed need to fit sprinklers all over the place. This is not a good idea (and I speak from a near-top floor of 20). It is impossible for there to be a “Grenfell” in tower blocks such as those in Birmingham, because they do not have dangerous cladding or insulation and meanwhile they do have concrete compartmentation which prevents fire from spreading to other flats.

The second way of profiting from tower blocks is to pretend that they are in danger of falling down. They mention Ronan Point. But that happened FIFTY YEARS AGO, and nothing else has ever fallen down, even the rest of Ronan didn’t fall down! There is no justification for these blocks to be evacuated or demolished on this false notion that they are about to collapse. It is just big business lies.

Unhelpfully there is a group calling themselves TowerBlocksUK who are incompetent and just parrot the propaganda hype from the commercial interests, under a delusion that anyone proposing more spending must be being good.  In reality they are proposing to pay more money from taxpayers to big business, which can be far from good if the projects involved are not good in themselves.  

If tenants had been properly involved in the “improvements”, Grenfell would never have happened.

Much more to come here……


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